Human nature is such that when we finish something, we want to summarize it. Looking back doesn’t have to be a waste of time and scratching old wounds. An annual balance sheet can also be a great motivation to act. After all, nothing is as uplifting as realizing what we have already accomplished. This is why it’s sometimes worth stopping and appreciating the good moments we’ve experienced.

So let’s begin.

What was 2018 like for us? For us it was a time full of challenges. Perhaps this statement is a bit superficial, so let’s get to the details.

Nearly 400 children took part in sports camps in three different locations: Lublin, Urszulin and Sandomierz. Many held a tennis racket for the first time in their lives. Others had the opportunity to get a taste of success on the winning team during football matches. But undoubtedly, all of the participants (not only the children) had a great time being active.

Two Women’s Conferences were not just a few hours spent with a nice group of people. For many women this was the beginning of a new path in life. Tears of joy or sadness, being set free from the chains of bitterness, finding out what true love is, discovering that there is still hope. Each of the women participating in the conference took from it something different, and it confirmed to us that it’s worth organizing more meetings like this.

And the gray day to day life of the past year? Kids’ Club, food distribution for poor and homeless people. The hours of work, which may not be very spectacular or visible, translate into the smiles of real people, handshakes, and many words of kindness and thousands of Thank You’s.

You also can put your signature at the bottom of every one of the Foundation’s activities. You have played a part in all of the Foundation’s undertakings. Thank you for every bit of your financial support, for all of your kind words of encouragement, for every helping hand, for every comforting pat on the shoulder and every “you can do it”, and “how can I help?”. Thank you for your constructive criticism, because it also encourages us to act. In short, thank you for being with us throughout the year.