We’re surprised that we don’t hear this question very often. Not because we surround ourselves with ardent fans of board games, which can be confirmed by frequent glances full of misunderstanding or statements like “I don’t have time for things like that”. That’s what it’s like for people who only have memories from their childhood of Chinese Checkers or Eurobusiness (based on Monopoly). Adults have forgotten and don’t have any plans to return to that world. However, the range of card and board games today is almost unlimited.

On the other hand, we belong to the minority who have discovered the benefits of board games. Because of this, we decided to “infect” our club kids with a love for this kind of entertainment. You might think this is an easy enough job to do, since children are always ready for all kinds of fun. But remember that while children may be gullible, they are even more demanding than adults when it comes to fun and entertainment. Don’t forget about the telephones, tablets and social media that stand as no small competition.

Then why these board games?

The advantages are endless. First of all, during game time there is no division between adults and children, as all become equal and the youngest participants can feel important and accepted. Games are a perfect tool to teach actions and consequences, concentration on a specific subject, creativity, quick-thinking, perceptiveness and tactical abilities. Thanks to games, children learn to accept norms, rules and regulations, and get to experience the taste of winning as well as the bitterness of defeat. Through games, children are able to learn to express their feelings, as well as release tension and negative emotions. Finally, board games are a great tool for integration, cooperation and establishing social relationships. And that’s not all. But we’ll let you find out the rest for yourself.

We just finished Winter break with board games. We witnessed thousands of big smiles, loud and joyful shouts of victory, the quiet tears of defeat, and pride at overcoming limitations. All because we found the time to pick up a game and sit the children down at the table… or on the floor.