Although she is trained in Information Technology, her heart has always belonged to children, especially those who are lonely or have been cast aside.
For many years she has been actively involved in work with children and youth. Over time, her work expanded to helping people who are homeless, poor or needy.
The Foundation is her “baby”, and the realization of a dream, or perhaps the fulfillment of the plan that she began preparing for as a volunteer in other nonprofit organizations, as well as a 3-year term as Vice President of ChFR.
She has many years of experience as a leader and organizer of camps for children and youth.
In order to help professionally, she has completed the course “Sport and recreational entertainer”.
A positive attitude, daily optimism, and calm spirit are her identifying qualities. In life, she goes by the rule, “Everything is possible for those who believe.”
She sees the world through a camera lens, and as a result her world is always colorful, and the Foundation has unforgettable photography.
She fulfills her role on a voluntary basis.


A graduate with a degree in Journalism and Communications, as well as a masters degree in Special Education with a specialization in re-socialization with sociotherapy.
She has many years of experience as a caretaker and co-organizer of camps for children and youth. She is reliable, creative, and has a sense of humor. Her dream is to open an after-school center, not only to help children but also to create a place where they would feel safe, accepted and needed.
She fulfills her role on a voluntary basis.
Ashley White - VOLUNTEER
An American living in Poland, Ashley has a degree in Music Education and has served for a number of years as a trainer of teachers in both the United States and Poland.

She is experienced in working with children in a variety of settings.
She believes that a healthy relationship with God has a positive impact on a person's entire life, and as a result she wants to use her own life to show others that God loves them very much.
Piotr Gałecki - VOLUNTEER

Piotr is a pleasant, wise and extremely talented translator with a sense of humor.
zdjęcie PawłaPaweł Kędzior – VOLUNTEER


An engineer, gadgeteer and cyclist. Husband of one wife and father of two daughters.
He's made Life's Most Important Decision.
In the Foundation he works at his hobbies – information technology and computers.