Welcome to the Anchor Foundation website!

The Anchor Foundation is a non-governmental organization, which was called to life in March of 2018.

That doesn’t mean that we’ve just begun our charity work, though. For many years we have been actively involved in helping those in need. All of those activities have become the inspiration to finally take the responsibility into our hands and begin to write our own story. However, this would not have been possible with out people like you – full of passion, optimism and involvement, people who aren’t calloused towards the needs of others. It is thanks to you, and with you, that we are able and desiring to change the world.

Our activities are focused mainly on work with at-risk children and youth, as well as helping people who have been marginalized by society. We desire to awaken in them the desire to act, to convince them that an unfair beginning or difficulty in the past does not eliminate their chance to change the direction of their lives. Fear of failure, after all, doesn’t have to stop them from realizing their dreams.